Produce electricity, gas or oil for direct use or to be stored.


Our solution

Waste4ME is pioneering the plastic recycling industry by giving previously incinerated plastic waste a second life. Our company turns a global environmental problem into low-carbon products and valuable petrochemical products. Our solution also allows implementing sustainable waste disposal techniques and bridge intermittent energy supply in remote locations. This way, we empower companies and communities to become more environmentally friendly.

Our team in collaboration with parties from the waste sector and the petrochemical industry has worked in recent years on the design of the plant and its technical, operational and legal processes. Together, we seize chemical recycling opportunities, produce high-value oil and recover metals. Our focus is on plastic streams that cannot be recycled and are now incinerated or exported to countries outside the EU.

The potential market is huge. In recent years, 300-350 million tons of new plastics have been produced each year and this market is growing. Mechanical separation is at the limits of technology and only separates a small part of the total volume of plastic waste.

The alternative to these streams is incineration or landfill. Burning has a very limited future due to emissions. Contrarily, reducing plastics to monomers as a basis for making new plastic is much more circular and minimizes emissions of carbon dioxide, as shown in third-party environmental reports. The emissions from pyrolysis are roughly half lower than the current 'best' solution, i.e. incineration and landfill are prohibited and have a significant environmental impact. In addition, by closing the material loop, this technology also displaces new virgin oil wells.


The so-called gate fee prices, or prices to dispose of waste, are very high at the moment and are only rising. Therefore, there is a growing demand for a waste processing alternative from both environmental and economic perspectives.

Waste4ME builds and operates chemical recycling plants for plastic waste starting with 35.000 tons per year and growing to bigger plants of 250.000 tons per year. The first plant is planned in Moerdijk, the Netherlands. The location committee of the environmental service has advised positively for a formal permit at the intended location.


Our business case is based on technology that meets the strictest emission requirements. In addition, the economic business case is based on gate fee prices that are considerably lower than the current prices.

In addition to this primary activity, we continue to sell our individual systems through dealers for countries that have a less developed waste collection and separation infrastructure and where landfill is now the only affordable solution. This comes in combination with expertise that we can provide as well as capacity sale for the parties with smaller waste flows.

WER unit or waste reducer energy generator is a mobile waste management tool based on pyrolysis technology – chemical process, where input is decomposed by being heated to a high temperature without the presence of oxygen. Additionally, metal components get separated and available for recycling. The result of this pyrolysis reaction is gas, oil or electricity stream, depending on homogeneity and heat content of the input waste.

WER is a turn-key solution, that is quick to install and easy to operate. Thanks to its mobile nature, WER allows to avoid transport costs, electricity cost, gas boiler cost and gas for a boiler. Tackle waste, where recycling is not feasible and where waste disposal is an issue.

Input and operational requirements


Feasibility check

With the help of our quick calculator below, get an idea of what you can produce with your waste stream,  and how quickly your investment in WER will be paid back

Disclaimer: The results of our business case calculator are only rough estimates, to provide a first overview of potential outputs. These results are not binding. Waste4ME reserves a right to any changes, depending on further material tests,  location characteristics, etc.


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