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Our story

Our story

Waste4ME was established in 2010, when its founders participated in the Dutch Military Innovation Competition, with the idea of turning waste into gas to save diesel on compounds. Waste4ME was a finalist, did not win, but got follow up contracts to develop a robust waste to energy technology with co-financing and development from the Dutch military.


Initially, Waste4ME focused on decentralized waste management with local benefit. This solution-based approach made Waste4ME select a mature technology, adapt it and further develop it to the required robust solution that it offers now, the WER, certified in 2015.


The core technology of the WER is pyrolysis applied to turn waste into oil and gas. With new market developments, Waste4ME joined the Pyrolysis Cluster in 2016, to expand its business into chemical recycling. This enables WER users to process non-recyclable plastics and other materials into valuable input for chemical factories.


Currently, Waste4ME brings the WER to the Netherlands and thus proves business cases for chemical recycling of several materials. The Waste4ME founders focus on developing and deploying technologies that are both commercially and socially viable to improve the world and add value to what would otherwise be considered waste.

In 2020 activity of Waste4ME was officially certified by DEKRA and ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certificates were issued by DEKRA Certification BV. These certificates confirm high quality management standards in the company and its minimized impact on environment.



To help companies, governments and communities clean up the waste and make a financially interesting opportunity of it.  


To give end-of-life plastics a possibility of recycling or useful application by cutting emissions by half per kg of waste processed, compared to incineration; and to successfully eliminate landfilling or worse practices.   



We are a result-driven company, unafraid to take action and responsibility.


We work in an honest way, adhere to laws and regulation, and steer clear from questionable practices.


We cherish clear communication and are straight to the point. We do not promise what we cannot deliver.


When doing business, we continously check its economic, ecological and technical viability. If one of these criteria cannot be attained, we do not proceed.

Local development

We work with local people and support local employment as well as growth of companies who want to take a step forward.

Sustainable development goals

At Waste4ME we understand how important the UN Sustainable Development Goals are, that is why we chose 5 goals for our company wherein we can really make a difference and contribute to these goals. The goals Waste4ME focusses on are explained below.


Goal 7 Affordable and clean energy

A part of our solution

allows for generation

of energy (electricity

or heat) from waste, preventing the need for fossil fuels.

Goal 9 Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We foster innovation by introducing novel technology for waste management that among other reduces CO2 emissions.

Goal 11 Sustainable cities and communities

We provide waste management solution suitable for developing nations, improving the state of the environment and the living conditions.

Goal 12 Responsible consumption and production

 Our technology reduces global resource extraction and contributes towards sustainable consumption.

Goal 13 Climate action

WER reduces GHG emissions thanks to the oxygen poor process and by avoiding extraction of new materials.

Each of these goals was considered on the basis of following criteria that may be met by using of our WER unit and taking into account benefits of its deployment: natural resources preservation, transport costs and logistic, impact on human health and eco-system, energy savings. Please, see our complete report on Waste4ME contribution to the UN SDG here.

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