Legal aspect of waste conversion - practical internship 

At our company Waste4ME BV, we have developed a prototype system for waste reduction and energy generation at a local or small scale. Waste4ME recently received a request about the possibility of using our technology for the processing of biological waste from the meat industry, more specifically cow carcasses. 


In the Netherlands, ‘The Animals Act’ describes, among other things, how animal carcasses and residual biological material must be disposed of to guarantee the safety of public health. A specific point of attention for this type of waste is the prevention of the spread of mad cow disease or Creutzfeldt-Jacobs disease. In order to be certified as a technology that can process such waste, various legal requirements must first be met. At Waste4ME we are looking for a law student who likes a challenge to legally complete the case in cooperation with the technical and commercial staff of Waste4ME.  

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