Waste4ME is a growing company, constantly looking for new talents. Our team mentality is straightforward and product-oriented. You have the freedom to plan your work and set your own milestones in line with the company goals. As you gain knowledge and experience in different sectors you can grow within the company. Additionally, if you want to suggest a different topic and you think you can add value, make a proposal including milestones and catch our attention. 

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Below you can find the current openings for the full-time positions and also for internships or graduation projects. 

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All-round technician 

As an all-round technician working for Waste4ME, your job is building new parts in development, performing maintenance, controlling and monitoring our pyrolysis facility in accordance with safety, quality and environmental requirements in a team of engineers. Also, checking, operating and adjusting the processes parameters if of crucial importance in the scope of maintaining the desired pyrolytic conditions of our WER unit.

Since our system is a recent creation from Waste4ME, various issues linked to a continuous use are still possible and thus we need a skilled person who can perform welding jobs, maintenance, run safety and inspection rounds in order to identify and resolve these deviations. That is why your task is to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment used by Waste4ME and help implement updates.


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Internships and graduation projects

Technical Copywriter - Internship

As the company is growing we experience a need in knowledge in different sectors to promote our technology in the best possible way. This leads to creation of quality content, comprehensive documentation that meets organizational standards. The role of the technical copywriter intern will focus on obtaining of a deep understanding of products and services with further translation that complex product/technical process information into simple, polished, and engaging content. Your assignment will also be writing of user-friendly content that meets our communication goals and the needs of the target audience. 



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Technology market scout - Internship/graduation project

In the process from waste to oil and gas there are a large amount of technical challenges for which we defined the categories of improvement. Gas separation into high value molecules and energy value is an area of interest. Several technologies are available, in development or can be developed. The internship or graduation position is to research the market position of Waste4ME when certain technologies are included or developed. This potential market position gives the reasoning for Waste4ME to either pursue or not to pursue a technology for deployment. Technologies range from laboratory, waste measurement, oil upgrading, gas separation, catalytic processes, power plants and more.


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Cooling tower modelling - Internship 

Our demonstration pyrolysis plant is constantly researched upon to prove technical and economic feasibility to develop a second version of our WER (Waste Energy Recycling) unit. One of the parts that needs to be looked at in this process is our cooling tower. The cooling tower provides relatively cold cooling water to cool different systems in our unit. We want to optimize the current cooling tower to make it future proof and with the data that we collect, make a model that can calculate the cooling capacity based on the cooling requirements of the different systems.

This model can later be used to provide the building criteria for the cooling tower of version two of the WER unit. In this model, environmental factors, and resource (water) availability should also be taken into account. This would mean that there should be an option for open cooling tower and closed cooling tower. This will be part two of the internship.


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Cleaning Procedure via auto-ignition, coking and fouling prevention - Internship 

When working with waste as feedstock for our pyrolysis process, the output of the process are gas, ash and oil. This is made through the use of the pyrolysis, a thermochemical treatment which depolymerizes end-of-life plastics into their constituent monomers, thus turning plastics back into a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons, a non-condensable part being the pyrolytic gas as well as a solid residue resulting from the high temperature slow residence time pyrolytic operation. The pyrolysis system generating these outputs, in the current situation of the company  as well as for the future commercial scale plant (processing 35 kilotons of plastics waste per year), needs a cleaning procedure to be implemented in order to get rid of residual material from the pyrolytic reactor as well as for reducing or eliminating fouling and coking in the pyrolysis system.


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Human resources internship

Are you curios about setting up an onboarding/training system for a start-up? Are you eager to work on establishing a measurable renumeration system without disturbing health and safety and teamwork? Are you ready to test your skills and knowledge in a multidisciplinary and multicultural team? Do you want to gain exposure to a fast-paced, collaborative office environment, and apply the knowledge you learned in the school?

Waste4ME is currently looking for an HR intern to contribute to its employee onboarding system as well as renumeration system. Your task, as an HR intern, is to design an introduction and training package to be offered to the new employees at Waste4ME. For this, you need to fully understand Waste4ME’s work ethics, business expectations and employee needs.

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