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Surveillance policy

For the purposes of safety and security related to Waste4ME's operation of WER unit, video surveillance is put in place. Read our surveillance policy here.

Privacy policy

For the purposes of communicating with you as our potential client, collaborator, employee, etc., we sometimes need your personal details. Find out how we manage your personal data and what our cookie policy is here.


For the purposes of protection the company from claims regarding the content of the website, we ask you to read the following disclaimer here.

Complaint policy

Waste4me strives for good service. All employees of Waste4ME do their job as accurately as possible and with the best possible effort. Although we try to prevent them, human mistakes may also occur in Waste4ME and customer may not be entirely satisfied with his/her contact with Waste4ME. For this case, please, read our complaint policy here.

Quality policy

Everyone is right behind quality. All personnel within Waste4ME are responsible for the quality of their work. Waste4ME B.V. provides training and has established systems to assist all personnel to achieve the standards required. 


At Waste4ME, we aim to continually improve the service we provide to meet our clients’ requirements and to produce finished work that we can justifiably be proud of. Our Quality Policy is defined and strongly driven by the following core values: 

Accountability: We are a result-driven company, unafraid to take action and responsibility. Our customers can rely on us to deliver what we promised and take necessary steps in order to achieve that.


Transparency: We work in an honest way, adhere to laws and regulations, and steer clear of questionable practices. Implementing transparency in our processes enables our customers to overview and understand all the steps along the way. 

Directness: We cherish clear communication and are straight to the point. We do not promise what we cannot deliver. Similarly, this approach opens the door for our customers to raise their questions, get necessary answers and provide valuable feedback for us to improve further. 

Viability: When doing business, we continuously check its economic, legal, ecological, and technical viability. If one of these criteria cannot be attained, we do not proceed. Our solution is tailor-made to each customer. This way, we satisfy our customers’ needs and protect their resources.  

Local development: We work with local people and support local employment as well as the growth of companies who want to take a step forward. Thanks to this approach, we build solutions within our customers’ context and contribute to their reputation in their community.

Environmental policy

We are committed to conducting our activities with minimal impact on the environment. Waste4ME’s founding purpose is to contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution by recycling waste. Naturally, our environmental policy is aimed at reducing environmental pollution, raising awareness about better waste management options, and promoting waste as valuable resource.


Comply: Waste4ME dedicates itself to comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements, to which we subscribe voluntarily.


Lead from the top: Waste4ME Management leads by example and provide opportunities to educate, train and motivate employees to carry out tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.


Collaboration: Waste4ME dedicates itself to encourage our suppliers, customers and third parties to adopt life cycle perspective in their activities. We assist customers in using Waste4ME products and services in an environmentally sensitive way, for example, by providing an LCA.


Manage impacts: We include local development among our core values purposefully because Waste4ME is committed to the protection of the local and global environment. We do so through our primary processes, which contribute to the reduction of waste. We measure our environmental impact of our activities and products, and continuously improve ourselves to minimize our impact.


Improvement: Waste4ME establish and evaluate achievable environmental goals to ensure continual improvement of its environmental performance. We update our environmental policy regularly and communicate our policy and environmental objectives to our employees and external stakeholders.


Waste4ME aspires to:

  • Consciously manage and contain waste flows and recycle them in its ability.

  • Design and spread a waste management technology, which performs better than the currently used market practices.

  • Reduce pollution, emissions and waste generated by the activities of your business.

  • Ensure that energy and water are used responsibly and conserved through innovative practices and procedures.

  • Responsibly use the necessary raw and auxiliary materials.

  • Where possible, opt for other materials, whose properties or production methods are less environmentally harmful.

  • Responsibly handle hazardous substances, which cannot be avoided.

  • Where possible, participate in national and international discussions about environmental issues.


This environmental policy represents our general position on environmental issues, and the policies and practices we will apply in conducting our business.

* These policies will be reviewed annually by Waste4ME Management and, where deemed necessary, will be amended, and re-issued.

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